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micksarainbow's Journal

Mick Jagger
26 July 1943
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I'm Mick. It's short for Michael. I sing and dance...and secks. Aaaand...eat. And bug Keef.

I was born when the boms were flying even though none hit my house...I don't remember the war but I remember sitting on the counter, eating cookie dough while my mum took down our black-out curtains and then being spun around...

...and then throwing up. I remember the party afterwards. Me and a bunch of little kids got a whole bag full of sweets.

I loved sweets when I was little. Our milkman gave me sweets when he'd stop by but I figure he gave all the kids in our little neighbourhood sweets and that I was nothing special.

I wanted to blow people up when I was little. I had a little chemistry set and wanted to build an atomic bomb. I ended up going LSE (that's the London School of Economics) before my BFF Keith showed back up on a train and we all got together (yeah-yeah-yeah) and that...that ended up pretty well, yeah.

This journal is by Mick's zookeeper strawberispring for entertainment purposes only and no affiliation to the real Mick Jagger is intended or implied.